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By joining our monthly giving society, you can be part of an unbeatable number—a prophetically prescribed number—ensuring heavenly aid in the service of the Best of Creation, upon him be peace.

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12,000 Hearts Beating as One Can't Be Beat

One is the foundation of existence. The hadith “God is with the group” reveals the One’s love of unity. And since our Prophet, upon him be peace, has promised that God will never abandon 12,000 Muslims united for a cause, we need you to ensure Zaytuna College reaches that number—and has the care of Providence.... Twelve thousand supporters giving a consistent amount each month will ensure that the teaching and learning that happens everyday at Zaytuna College is supported by our collective strength, enabling Zaytuna to build the permanent endowment that will make the College a lasting beacon of light, not only for today, but for generations to come, God willing. 

– President Hamza Yusuf

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Our monthly donors support us in developing educational content to benefit the extended Zaytuna community. We regularly release exclusive benefits to 12000 Strong members, including online courses and special events with Zaytuna faculty, as well as discounts on products and programs.

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