• About

    In 2009, Zaytuna College was founded in Berkeley, California, with a mission that called for grounding students in the Islamic scholarly tradition as well as in the cultural currents and critical ideas shaping modern society.

  • Academics

    As a Muslim liberal arts college in the West, Zaytuna offers a curriculum that provides its students with a foundation in the intellectual heritage of two major world civilizations: the Islamic and the Western.

  • Admissions & Aid

    Our mission is to educate students to become morally, intellectually, and spiritually accomplished individuals ready to contribute to our contemporary world in ways that are proportionate to their gifts and to the needs of human society.

  • Campus Life

    Zaytuna’s campus is on Holy Hill and students enter the College as part of a cohort, a community of learners that travel together through the curriculum.

Capital Projects

The Campus Renovation and Beautification Initiative

The Prophet Muhammad ? said, “God is beautiful, and He loves beauty.”

Presently, Zaytuna College owns nine buildings across its two campuses and an additional four properties to house core faculty and staff. Many of the campus acquisitions were purchases of older facilities in need of significant renovation. The College’s facilities team continues to renovate the campus space with quality work and craftsmanship but at a fraction of the standard market cost.

The College also aims to acquire new housing properties near the upper campus to accommodate the growing student body and faculty. The ongoing capital projects present wonderful opportunities for you to participate in Zaytuna’s overall vision for campus expansion, restoration, and beautification.


For more details on our capital projects and how you can support, please contact the Advancement team by submitting an interest form below.

Make a Gift

Make a gift to our Capital Fund to support our ongoing efforts to beautify and expand our campus facilities

Underwrite a Campus Project

Submit an interest form to learn more about current funding priorities and naming opportunities on Zaytuna College's campus.

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Please contact the Advancement team for more information and any questions you may have about making a gift. Email give@zaytuna.edu or call (510) 900-3151.