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Our Advancement Team

When you support Zaytuna College, your gift is more than merely material—you join a community dedicated to preserving sacred knowledge and cultivating its fruits by preparing the intellectual, professional, and spiritual leaders of tomorrow. Our Advancement team aims to serve you and your specific philanthropic goals with humility, and with knowledge about how best to maximize the impact of your generous gifts.

A Dedicated Community

Our Advancement Team is committed to supporting you achieve your philanthropic goals because we recognize the impact your gift can have on the College. Whether you want to plan a legacy gift for your family or have a technical question, our staff is readily available to serve. When you support Zaytuna College, your gift is not merely material—you join a community dedicated to preserving sacred knowledge and cultivating its fruits in the next generation of leaders.

For general questions, email [email protected] or call us at +1 (510) 900-3151.

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Head of Institutional Advancement

Noman Munif

Noman heads our Advancement and Development teams who work the generous investors and donors of Zaytuna College. His role includes expanding our endowments, developing capital projects, and directing the overall strategic growth of the College.

Languages: English, Urdu
Phone: (510) 822-0044
Email: [email protected]

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Director of Advancement Operations & Services

Ghaith Saggaf

It is an honor and blessing to serveZaytuna College and our supporters.”

Ghaith oversees Advancement operations and services and helps to develop strategic goals for the Advancement team. He strives for excellence in the work he and his team do. Ghaith also collaborates across departments on many projects and oversees the operations of donations, gift processes, donor records, systems, and services. 

Languages: English, Arabic
Phone: (559) 708-1994
Email: [email protected]

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Senior Director of Development

Nadeen Mustafa

The Quran teaches us that “those who spend in charity will be richly rewarded” (75:10). Personally, it is greatly rewarding to work with a gift that keeps giving (in sadaqa jariya): education at Zaytuna College.”

People first, impact always. Nadeen is charged with shepherding the philanthropy of our dedicated donor community and collaborating with our supporters to explore the best ways to make the most lasting impact at Zaytuna College.

Whether it is establishing a scholarship fund, underwriting a special project for the College, or planning estate gifts, Nadeen is dedicated to fostering the relationship between our blessed institution and supporters who are deeply committed to our mission and vision.

Managing our national fundraising efforts, Nadeen is a proud Texan and loves building new relationships across the region and beyond.

Languages: English, Arabic
Phone: (510) 822-0050
Email: [email protected]

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Data Analyst

Souad Bouali

“Solving problems is my favorite part of my job. Each day I come to work excited to work with our donors to help answer their questions and to help solve any problems they may encounter.”

Souad manages our donor information systems. She assists donors with their questions and ensures that gift processing is seamless. Souad is readily available to serve our supporters when questions or comments arise and welcomes your feedback, comments, and prayers.

Languages: English, Arabic, French 
Phone: (510) 867-2951
Email: [email protected]

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Regional Director of Development – Northeast

Necva Solak

"God Most High assures us that, “those who spend their wealth in charity day and night, secretly and openly—their reward is with their Lord, and there will be no fear for them, nor will they grieve” (Qur'an, 2:274).

What greater pledge can we receive than gaining Allah’s pleasure and knowing we will collect infinitely from His reserves in this world and the next?

Necva steers the College’s fundraising efforts in the Northeast. With twenty years of experience across multiple fields, including law, government, philanthropy, and institutional development, she is poised to connect Zaytuna’s goals with strategic partners and loyal supporters to bring longevity to the College’s vision.

Necva is passionate about awakening people’s hearts to serve God and igniting their minds with awareness of Muslims’ unique role, historically and today, as the torchbearers of knowledge. She is committed to strengthening and expanding the College’s programs and its impact on American society through garnering gifts, inaugurating scholarships, and supporting capital and public projects to further Zaytuna’s mission. 

Necva welcomes any and all inquiries about how to support Zaytuna or obtain more information about the College in general. 

Languages: English, Turkish, Azerbaijani, & Spanish   

Phone: (510) 697-8404

Email: [email protected] 

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Regional Director of Development – Midwest

Hadeal Attal

"The example of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is like a seed of grain which grows seven spikes, in each spike is a hundred grains. And Allah multiplies the reward for whoever He wills, for Allah is all-Encompassing and knowing (Qur'an, 2:261).  

It is an honor to steward loyal supporters to such rewards."

Hadeal leads the College’s fundraising efforts in the Midwest region. She brings with her nearly a decade of fundraising experience both in the higher education and nonprofit sectors.  

Hadeal is unwavering in her commitment to bridging connections between our loyal supporters and Zaytuna College - whether through supporting capital projects at the College, establishing scholarships, or her area of expertise: estate planning. Hadeal is always readily available to answer any questions on how to support the mission and vision of the College.   

Languages: English, Arabic  

Phone: (510) 541-9369 

Email: [email protected]  

manal pic
Bay Area Development Manager

Manal Alfaouri

“I am truly humbled to meet and work with great people who believe in the success of Zaytuna College and give generously to see it grow.” 

Manal has been serving Zaytuna College for several years and is dedicated to the growth and sustainability of the first accredited Muslim Liberal Arts College in North America. She works closely with a committed group of longtime supporters based in California, as well as many across the globe. Manal is passionate about building relationships with our donors and exploring opportunities for furthering the mission of Zaytuna. She values dialogues that uncover insights about our dedicated community of learners and believers.

Languages: English, Arabic
Phone: (510) 822-0042 
Email: [email protected]

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Donor Relations Associate

Mai Shehadeh

“I am privileged to help you support the critical mission of Zaytuna College.

Mai is responsible for communicating with our donors and providing respectful, timely, and accurate support in the areas of donor relations, gift processing, and fundraising. She also provides assistance to prospective, new, and existing donors via telephone and email regarding recurring gifts and donor records.

Languages: English, Arabic
Phone: (510) 571-0431
Email: [email protected]

Donor Relations Associate

Hadi Abbas

“In an era of mass confusion and widespread uneasiness, I am honored to help Zaytuna College and its supporters construct a beacon of hope for the future grounded in the religious, academic, and philosophical traditions of the past.”

Hadi processes donations and works to ensure that these gifts are recorded accurately and applied to the appropriate funds. He works with checks, online payments, pledges, and crypto. Hadi also helps maintain data health by updating constituent records and modifying gifts in the database.

Languages: English, Urdu, Spanish
Phone: (510) 788-8877
Email: [email protected]

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