Learn About the Zaytuna College Experience

Our students arrive to Berkeley from all parts of the United States, and even from around the world. Our faculty and administration are committed to be their devoted guides as they nurture what God has already imbued within them—a seed that only requires the right environment to flourish.

Students who accept the challenge of the Zaytuna curriculum should know that it requires long hours of dedicated and diligent study as they discipline the habits of the mind. We invite the families of our students—parents, grandparents, and other relatives—to share in the immense responsibility of cultivating lifelong learners.

Resources for Parents

Get more information on subjects important to all future students like academics, residential living, and the honor code.

Professor Emeritus and Board Observer, Zaytuna College

Zaid Shakir

"Your children can go to Harvard or Yale or Columbia, and every second they’re in that institution, you fear for their faith. You don’t know if they’re going to come home with their degree in their hand but their faith out of their heart. Zaytuna College provides a quality education that sends young adults to Harvard or into the world as graduates of Zaytuna. It nurtures their faith and nurtures their Muslim identity as it shapes them into young scholars and productive, proud citizens of this country and citizens of this world.”

Past Commencement Remarks

Watch our youtube videos on previous commencement remarks below.