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    In 2009, Zaytuna College was founded in Berkeley, California, with a mission that called for grounding students in the Islamic scholarly tradition as well as in the cultural currents and critical ideas shaping modern society.

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    As a Muslim liberal arts college in the West, Zaytuna offers a curriculum that provides its students with a foundation in the intellectual heritage of two major world civilizations: the Islamic and the Western.

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    Our mission is to educate students to become morally, intellectually, and spiritually accomplished individuals ready to contribute to our contemporary world in ways that are proportionate to their gifts and to the needs of human society.

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    Zaytuna’s campus is on Holy Hill and students enter the College as part of a cohort, a community of learners that travel together through the curriculum.

Registrar & Academic Services Coordinator

Registrar & Academic Services Coordinator

December 10, 2023
Job Title: Registrar & Academic Services Coordinator
Department: Academic & Faculty Affairs
Reporting To: Sr. Director of Effectiveness & Planning
FLSA Classification: Exempt
Job Category: Regular, full-time (40 hours/week)
Pay Scale: $65,000–$80,000 (commensurate to qualifications)
Location: Berkeley, CA, with occasional opportunities to work remotely

About Zaytuna College

Zaytuna College is America’s first accredited Muslim liberal arts college that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees. A central goal of the College is to reintegrate the once vital and influential voice of Muslim thought and erudition back into the ongoing conversation of great ideas, which is informed largely by shifting Western values, and to do so within the context of our new, globalized society and in the manner articulated by the College’s mission statement: “to educate and prepare morally committed professionals, intellectuals, and spiritual leaders, who are grounded in the Islamic scholarly tradition and conversant with the cultural currents and critical ideas shaping modern society.”

The Position

The Registrar & Academic Services Coordinator reports to the Deans’ Cabinet, via the Sr. Director of Effectiveness and Planning. It serves as the college registrar and supports several critical academic planning, compliance, and assessment activities. In the capacity of a registrar, the position is responsible for performing a wide variety of skilled duties including, but not limited, to end-to-end management of course and student records for BA and MA degree programs, administration of the student information system in support of all offices, management of other classroom management tools (MS Teams), student course registration, transfer credit management, graduation degree audits, transcripts and diplomas, class scheduling, course catalog management, academic policy review and development, college catalog and handbook project management, and administrative support for academic committees. Other academic service duties include developing resources for career and academic counseling, supporting the college’s Accreditation Liaison Officer with self-studies and site visits, maintaining critical assessment data, supporting faculty committees in program reviews, and facilitating other assessment activities such as administration, analysis, and reporting of student and alumni data, course evaluations, student interviews, and other student surveys. The position requires a strong understanding of the operational elements of a small college.

Essential Functions

The following are the primary day-to-day responsibilities for this position. These are not exclusive or all-inclusive.

1. Performs general and day-to-day duties to fully execute the functions of a registrar, liaising with all stakeholders, including students, alumni, faculty, and staff members in the offices of faculty affairs, student life, admissions, financial aid, accounting, facilities, and event management.

2. Maintains the complete lifecycle of student and alumni data and shares with other offices as appropriate in accordance with the highest standards of confidentiality and integrity. Responsible for accurate, complete, and reliable student records at all times, for current and past students.

3. Serves as the primary administrator of the student information system and other classroom management tools.

4. Processes, manages, and reviews all types of registrations, transfer credits, proficiency assessments, and completion of graduation requirements, with minimal supervision.

5. Maintains the online course catalog, class schedules, and academic policies. Manages the annual review of the college catalog and related student handbooks.

6. Serves as a member of academic and other committees, as needed.

7. Works closely with faculty to support their program assessment efforts.

8. Works closely with the college’s Accreditation Liaison Officer to maintain strong records and support academic integrity throughout the college.

9. Facilitates the administration, analytics, and reporting of various assessment activities, including but not limited to student and alumni data, course evaluations, student interviews, student surveys, and other assessments.

10. As needed, receives and hosts guests and provides tours on behalf of the Provost.

11. Develop resources to support students in pursuit of their professional and post-graduate interests. And, if qualified, provide academic and career counseling to students.

Qualifications and Experience

Required Education and Experience
  • Minimum education of bachelor’s degree or equivalent

  • At least 3 years of professional experience in an educational environment doing program management, records management, data analysis, student counseling, and/or compliance

Preferred Education and Experience
  • Degree or other credentials in the fields of higher education, academic counseling, or educational policy and compliance

  • Experience in a postsecondary education environment

  • Experience working with diverse student populations


  • Ability to work within and on relatively new organizations/initiatives

  • Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality

  • Ability to prioritize a variety of time-sensitive tasks

  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines

  • Strong data analytical skills and technical ability with databases and systems

  • Strong service orientation and superior relationship skills

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Superior attention to detail

  • Maintains a high degree of responsiveness and flexibility

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and A/V meeting and communication tools

  • Effectively work independently and in collaboration with others at varying levels

  • Cultural fit

Employment Requirements

  • Email your cover letter and resume to employment@zaytuna.edu.

  • Be sure to include the title of the job you are applying for in the subject line of your email.

To Apply

Email your cover letter and resume to employment@zaytuna.edu with the job title in the subject.

Zaytuna College is an equal opportunity employer