Tuition & Financial Aid

Zaytuna College offers a debt-free education to qualified students.

An Education for All

As a Muslim college, Zaytuna is an inheritor of a centuries-long tradition that encourages and supports students to learn as a right, regardless of economic circumstances. To this end, our financial aid policy aims to alleviate economic barriers by offering any admitted student, who cannot afford the tuition fees, a generous financial assistance package. We follow a need-blind admissions process and do our utmost to ensure our students complete their education debt-free. Students apply for and receive financial aid directly from Zaytuna College in the form of need-based grants and merit-based scholarships without any repayment requirement.

Financial Aid

Zaytuna College does not participate in federal or state sponsored grant or loan programs. Students may apply for financial aid from the College. The College offers two types of aid, which are awarded based on specific criteria: merit-based scholarships and need-based grants (zakat).

Merit-based Scholarships

Zaytuna College awards merit scholarships according to a student’s academic record. To be eligible to apply for merit-based aid current students or applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 3.65 or equivalent. Applicants who submit a standardized test may also be eligible to receive a merit scholarship. Any current student enrolled in the honors program is also eligible to apply.

Need-based Grants

Need-based grants are awarded on a scale depending on the student’s and (if applicable) parents’ income and assets. Zaytuna College designed its need-based grants to ensure that all qualified students can attend the College, while asking that they, with their families, contribute what they are reasonably able to pay toward their education. Because Zaytuna College awards grants, the amounts awarded to applicants are not to be repaid to the college.

Financial Aid for SAI

Anyone that is offered a need-based grant for undergraduate studies is automatically offered need-based aid for the Summer Arabic Intensive.

We are frequently asked, “Are there scholarship and financial aid opportunities?” The answer is a resounding yes! The College offers merit-based scholarships and need-based grants (zakat).

Tuition | $20,000

Nonrefundable enrollment (one-time payment) | $250

Housing | $10,500

Refundable security deposit (one-time payment) | $500

Fees effective for BA classes 2028 onwards.

Tuition | $30,000

Nonrefundable enrollment (one-time payment) | $250

Continuation fee | $4,400

Records maintenance fee during leave of absence (per semester) | $100

Special fee: MA application fee (one-time payment) | $40

Housing | $13,000

Reinstatement fee (for students who have withdrawn and wish to return) | $150

MA graduation fee (one-time payment) | $150

ID card placement fee (one-time payment) | $25

Refundable security deposit (one-time payment) | $500

Fees effective for MA classes 2026 onwards.