Master of Arts Program

Master’s Degree in Islamic Texts

Zaytuna’s master of arts degree in Islamic texts is intended to provide students with higher-level access to the Islamic tradition through a guided course of study in Islam’s primary sources.

The MA degree is a two-year program that culminates in a summative thesis. The coursework includes studies of classical Arabic language and literature; Qur’an and Qur’anic commentaries; Islamic philosophy, theology, and mysticism; Islamic law; and the history of Islam. Furthermore, each of the concentrations has a comparative track that allows students to study texts in the European tradition that parallel the Islamic texts in their ideas and methods. For example, the study of Islamic philosophy can be augmented by the study of Latin scholasticism, or the study of Islamic mysticism can be augmented by readings in Greek Neoplatonism.

Unlock Primary Islamic Texts

The main goals of the courses and teaching methods are to sharpen students’ ability to read and analyze the primary texts and to consider the socio-religious contexts and scholarly sources out of which the texts emerged, while continuing to engage in well-reasoned academic and scholarly discussion and research.

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Specialize in Philosophy or Law

Zaytuna master’s degree students can choose between the two paths of Islamic law or Islamic theology and philosophy.

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Hear from Our Students

Read our recent interviews with MA students about their Zaytuna journey.

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