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Honors Program

Zaytuna College offers the Honors Program, in which students complete an additional set of requirements beyond those articulated for the bachelor’s degree. Acceptance into the Honors Program requires a GPA of at least 3.65 at the end of the freshman year, with no outstanding incomplete grades. Students enrolled in the Honors Program must maintain a GPA of at least 3.5 throughout the completion of the academic program and must maintain a record of conduct without reprimand or formal sanction.

The Honors Program includes an extensive memorization component (or for certain texts, examination; see table below), and a presentation of the senior thesis in a formal symposium. The College offers weekly sessions for students in the Honors Program to study texts with instructors qualified in the classical Islamic tradition. These sessions are also open as enrichment activities to students not enrolled in the Honors Program. 

The sessions are designed so students enrolled in their sophomore year can complete the program in their senior year. Some of the texts that must be memorized are studied in other courses at the College (or an equivalent text in that subject is studied). The Honors Program will not appear on the transcript until the student completes it in the senior year.

Honors Program Requirements
Subject Text Requirements
Qur’an Juz’ 29; Yūsuf; al-Kahf Memorization
Tajwīd Al-Jazariyyah Memorization
ʿAqīdah Jawharat al-tawḥīd Memorization
Hadith Al-Arbaʿīn al-Nawawiyyah Al-Bayqūniyyah Memorization
Fiqh ʿIbādāt sections of: Al-Murshid al-muʿīn (Mālikī students), Matn al-zubad (Shāfiʿī students), Kifāyat al-ghulām (Ḥanafī students) Memorization
Taṣawwuf Taṣawwuf section of: Al-Murshid al-muʿīn Matn al-zubad Memorization
Sīrah Qurrat al-abṣār Examination
Uṣūl Al-Waraqāt (verse) Examination
Manṭiq Al-Sullam Examination