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Tahir Anwar

Imam Tahir Anwar is an American Muslim scholar and preacher.

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Prior to Zaytuna College

Born in London, England, he has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1983. After completing his religious studies, Imam Tahir has served the Bay Area Muslim community since 2000. In addition, he is the founding board member of Averroes High School, the Bay Area’s first Muslim high school. He is currently the chairman of the board of NISA, North-American Islamic Shelter for the Abused, an organization that works towards alleviating issues related to domestic violence. He has a passion for community service. He served on the Human Rights Commission for the City of San Jose for over 5 years and on the Human Relations Commission for the County of Santa Clara for one year. He also leads a group for Hajj each year.

Education: Hafidh & Qira’ah (Hafs ibn Asim) – Darul Uloom Falah e Darain, Gujarat, India B.A., Islamic Law (Shariah) Darul Uloom Falah e Darain, Gujarat, India, 1999.