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Provost & Assistant Professor

Dr. Omar Qureshi

At Zaytuna College, Omar Qureshi teaches Metaphysical Foundations, Contemporary Muslim Thought, Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence, and al-Ghazali.

Email: [email protected]

Prior to Zaytuna College

Dr. Qureshi served for seven years as the principal and dean of academics for a parochial school located in Chicago’s West suburbs. While in Chicago, he completed his Ph.D. in Cultural and Educational Policy at Loyola University in 2016. His dissertation, entitled “Badr al-Dīn Ibn Jamāʿah and the Highest Good of Islamic Education,” was on the identity of religious educational institutions in the United States.

Additionally, Dr. Qureshi has studied and teaches texts in Islamic Law – Shāfiʿī, Kalām theology, Islamic Legal Theory (usūl al-fiqh), Qurʾānic sciences and exegesis, Ḥadīth nomenclature, Prophetic Biography and Islamic History.

Selected Works

Education: Ph.D., Cultural and Educational Policy Studies, Loyola University, M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction, University of Missouri, BA Biology, University of Missouri