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Director of the Arabic Program; Assistant Professor

Fadi Elhin

  • University of Jordan, PhD, Islamic Jurisprudence and Its Foundation, 2009

  • University of Jordan, MA, Islamic Jurisprudence and Its Foundation, 2002

  • University of Jordan, BA, Islamic Jurisprudence and Its Foundation, 2000

Dr. Fadi Elhin is a scholar of Islamic jurisprudence with field specialties in Shafi’i Law, Hanafi Law, Usul Fiqh, Arabic Rhetoric, Arabic Grammar, Arabic Morphology, and Teaching Arabic as a Second Language. At Zaytuna College, Dr. Elhin has taught Hanafi Family Law, Positive Law 1, Positive Law 2, Legal Theory 1, Legal Theory 2, Legal Maxims, and all levels of Arabic.

He received his BA, MA, and PhD in Islamic Jurisprudence and Its Foundation from the University of Jordan. He received an ijaza in Qur’an Recitation in 1999. Prior to his post at Zaytuna College, Dr. Elhin was an Arabic professor at the University of Montana and Bergen Community College in New Jersey.

His PhD thesis, titled “The Legal Maxims of the Original Obligations and Their Replacements in Islamic Jurisprudence and Its Modern Application,” presents a comprehensive study of the principle of easement as it relates to the replacement of original obligations in Islamic law. The thesis analyzes original obligations and their replacements in Islamic jurisprudence both theoretically and through legal maxims and presents their contemporary applications. 

Dr. Elhin is a native Arabic speaker.

Dr. Elhin joined the faculty of Zaytuna College in 2013.

Email: [email protected]

Office hours: By appointment

Personal interests:

Reading, soccer, biking, hiking