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Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic Law and Theology

Zaytuna’s bachelor of arts program is founded on an integral liberal arts curriculum, consisting of courses from both the Islamic and Western traditions of higher learning. Beginning with the trivium—courses in grammar, rhetoric, and logic—and an intensive study of the Arabic language, students progress through courses in theology, law, history, philosophy, science, and literature, while studying and reading classical texts from both traditions. The program is designed so that courses taken later both depend and build on earlier courses. Every course and graduation requirement is essential to the intellectual trajectory of the curriculum as a whole.

Graduation Requirements

Requirements Descriptions Units Due
Completion of coursework Must pass all courses with a D or better, must pass all Arabic courses with a C or better 124 End of senior year
Outdoor Classrooms
Requirements Description Units Due
Swimming* Must pass a performance exam 1 End of freshman year
Archery* Must pass a performance exam 1 End of sophomore year
Horseback Riding* Must pass a performance exam 1 End of junior year
Under the direct supervision of an advisor or instructor
Requirements Description Units Due
Orthoepy (tajwīd) Must pass a written and oral exam 1 End of sophomore year (or may test out earlier)
Memorization of the Qur’an (ḥifẓ) Al-Fātiḥah; al-Baqarah 225, 285–86; Āl ʿImrān 190–200; al-Kahf 1–10, 101–10; Yā Sīn; al-Wāqiʿah; al-Ḥashr 18–24; all of Juz’ 30 1 End of senior year
Service Learning* 50 hours of community service, a reflection paper, and discussion with instructor 3 End of senior year
Senior thesis 40–page research project 3 End of senior year

Curriculum Overview

Freshman (Year 1) Sophomore (Year 2) Junior (Year 3) Senior (Year 4)
Arabic prerequisite (or proficiency exam) Summer Arabic Intensive Program - -
Freshman (Year 1) Sophomore (Year 2) Junior (Year 3) Senior (Year 4)
Intermediate Arabic 1 (5 units) Arabic Grammar and Texts 1 (4 units) Arabic Text Study 1 Arabic Rhetoric and Literature
Islamic Law 1 Prophetic Tradition Islamic Law: Family Metaphysical Foundations
Introduction to the Qur’an Qur’anic Sciences Constitutional Law Ethics
Trivium Seminar in Grammar Logic in the Islamic Tradition Kalām Theology Astronomy in the Islamic Tradition
Prophetic Biography Islamic History Philosophy Contemporary Muslim Thought
Swimming* Archery* Horseback Riding* **
- - Research Methods Seminar (1 unit) -
Freshman (Year 1) Sophomore (Year 2) Junior (Year 3) Senior (Year 4)
Intermediate Arabic 2 (5 units) Arabic Grammar and Texts 2 (4 units) Arabic Text Study 2 Senior Arabic Seminar
Islamic Law 2 Principles of Democracy Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence Islamic Law: Commercial
- Seminal Ancient Texts Comparative Theology Islamic Law: Inheritance
Trivium Seminar in Logic Politics Readings in Muslim Spirituality Al-Ghazālī
Trivium Seminar in Rhetoric Creedal Theology Economics Classical Muslim Texts and Commentaries **
Swimming (1 unit) Archery (1 unit) Horseback Riding (1 unit) **