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Bachelor of Arts Program

Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal and Islamic Studies

Zaytuna’s bachelor of arts program is founded on an integral liberal arts curriculum, consisting of courses from both the Islamic and Western traditions of higher learning. Beginning with the trivium—courses in grammar, rhetoric, and logic—and an intensive study of the Arabic language, students progress through courses in theology, law, history, philosophy, science, and literature, while studying and reading classical texts from both traditions. The program is designed so that courses taken later both depend and build on earlier courses. Every course and graduation requirement is essential to the intellectual trajectory of the curriculum as a whole.

Application Deadlines

We are excited to announce that admissions for our BA program will open on August 15th.

The Early Action deadline for the BA in Liberal and Islamic Studies will be October 31st, 2023, which will ensure a response by December 22nd. The standard deadline will be January 31st, 2024 with a response by March 29th.

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Inherit Two Intellectual Traditions

Our curriculum contains the timeless texts of the Islamic tradition, as well as the great works and ideas of Western civilization.

Watch the interview with President Hamza Yusuf.

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Acquire the Tools of the Liberal Arts

At Zaytuna College, we are working to restore the broad-based, holistic tradition of what in the West was called the liberal arts, and in the Muslim civilization was known as comprehensive studies (al-dirāsāt al-jāmi¢ah).

Read about our unique approach to the Liberal Arts.

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Grow Through Experience

Zaytuna College aims to foster a holistic environment of learning where inquiry, transmission, and debate take place as a way of life inside and outside the classroom. 

Learn more about our Experiential Learning programs. 

The Trivium

The trivium is the foundation of the College’s pedagogical mission. Its constituent disciplines—grammar, logic, and rhetoric, each of which is taught in both the Islamic and Western traditions—are studied and repeatedly practiced by students throughout their four years of study, to achieve excellence in reading, writing, speaking, and reasoning.

Contact our Admissions office for more information about Zaytuna College.

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