Zaytuna MA Admissions FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions



How long is the MA program?

Two years.

Do I have to have a bachelor's degree to apply to the MA program?

No, but we recommend having an existing BA degree in Islamic Studies or ancillary fields.

Do I need to know Arabic for the MA program?

Yes, applicants should have competency in reading and comprehending classical Arabic texts.

Are lectures conducted in Arabic or English?

Lectures are conducted in both languages.

I studied privately and do not have transcripts that reflect my background. How can I show my level in Arabic and Islamic studies?

You can draft a list of texts you studied, when you studied them, and with whom. A letter of recommendation from your teachers should confirm this list.

Can international students apply to the MA program?

Yes, the MA program is now open to international students.

What do MA graduates do after the program?

The two most popular paths for our graduates are PhD programs in Islamic studies or related fields and professional degree programs such as law school.

Is there on-campus housing for MA students?

Yes, there is separate housing for men and women.

What is the tuition cost for the MA program?

You can learn about program costs on our Financial Aid page.

Is financial aid available for the MA program?

You can learn about financial aid on our Financial Aid page.

Is there a part-time MA program?


Is there an online MA program?