Zaytuna College Rescission Policy

Zaytuna College reserves the right to rescind an individual’s status of admission, enrollment, or graduation at any time, including after attendance or degree conferral, in accordance with student expectations and program standards, which may change over time.  

The College further reserves the right to require applicants to provide additional information, authorize for the release of information about any matter, and place a hold on registration or the conferral of a degree during investigations into any matters.  

 Pursuant to this, Zaytuna College may offer admission conditionally and/or may rescind an offer under certain circumstances, including but not limited to changes in admissions criteria, a significant drop in academic performance, failure to graduate from programs in progress, violations of any of the terms of the application process, allegations of inappropriate behavior incongruous with institutional moral standards, any degree of misrepresentation or falsification with college representatives, or any other reason determined by the Admissions Committee.