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 In Medina: Building a Just Society

Sunday, November 1, 1:00 pm PST
Shaykh Faraz Khan in conversation with Dr. Ali Ataie, moderated by Imam Dawood

Sunday, November 1, 1:00 pm PST

A Virtual Event

A foundational characteristic of the Prophet’s mission was his ability to adapt his approach without compromising his principles or moral vision when he migrated to the different social and political landscape of Medina. Imam Dawood Yasin will moderate a conversation between Shaykh Faraz Khan and Dr. Ali Ataie in which they discuss lessons on justice and community derived from a period of prophetic political leadership. 

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Shaykh Faraz Khan

Shaykh Faraz A. Khan is on the faculty at Zaytuna College. He resided in Amman, Jordan, from 2004 to 2011, where he read classical texts with distinguished scholars in Ashʿari and Maturidi scholastic theology, Hanafi jurisprudence, prophetic narration, logic, and other religious sciences; he received scholarly authorization after seven years of full-time private study. His current research interests center on the engagement of philosophical theology and ethics with the contemporary age. His book  An Introduction to Islamic Theology, a translation and annotation of an intermediate Maturidi teaching text, was recently published as part of the Zaytuna College Curriculum Series.

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Dr. Ali Ataie

Dr. Ali Ataie has been involved in interfaith activities for over fifteen years. He has been a guest lecturer and guest instructor at several colleges and universities, including Cal Poly State, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Cal State East Bay, and others. He has also engaged in dialogues and debates with a number of Christian scholars on topics ranging from the historicity of the resurrection of Christ, peace be upon him, and the prophethood of Muhammad ﷺ. 

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Imam Dawood Yasin

Imam Dawood Yasin is the Director of Student Life at Zaytuna College. He spent five summers teaching Arabic language at the Zaytuna Summer Arabic Intensive. Imam Yasin has worked with colleagues to establish the “Learning Outside of the Classroom” program at Zaytuna College, which includes service-learning trips and a revival of traditional athletics found in swimming, archery, and horseback riding.

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