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For the Love of the Prophet ﷺ

Conversations with Scholars Commemorating the Prophet’s Life

October 17 to November 11, 2020

Series Schedule

Shaykh Mohammed Amin Kholwadia in conversation with President Hamza Yusuf, moderated by Imam Zaid Shakir 

The Prophet Muhammad’s incomparable resilience in achieving his singular purpose commissioned to him by God is the model of strength and patience for Muslims. Imam Zaid Shakir will moderate a conversation between Shaykh Mohammed Amin Kholwadia and President Hamza Yusuf in which they will explore some of the Prophet’s most profound moments of strategic wisdom, dauntless resolve, and faithful hope during the Meccan period. Learn more.

President Hamza Yusuf in conversation with Dr. Juan Cole

Join us for a conversation with world-renowned historian Dr. Juan Cole inspired by his work Muhammad: Prophet of Peace Amid the Clash of Empires. The book draws  deeply  from  the  Qur’an and a vast selection of modern scholarship, making a convincing case for Muhammad ﷺ as an apostle of tolerance and peace. Learn more.

Featuring Imam Zaid Shakir, President Hamza Yusuf, President Thomas Hibbs, Imam Dawood Yasin, and  special messages from His Excellency, Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan, and world-renowned philanthropist and singer-songwriter, Yusuf Cat Stevens

With the help of current students, graduates, faculty, and some very special guests, Imam Zaid Shakir and President Hamza Yusuf will present Zaytuna College’s accomplishments—among them a critical new book on Islamic theology written by faculty member Shaykh Faraz Khan—and chart a vision for the future of American Muslim scholarship. The event will feature a keynote lecture by the ethicist and critic of popular culture Dr. Thomas Hibbs, who serves as president of the University of Dallas, on the importance of liberal arts colleges, with an emphasis on Zaytuna College’s role in American educational diversity. His talk will be followed by a conversation with Zaytuna’s president, Hamza Yusuf, on the crisis of nihilism in current American culture and how liberal education addresses that problem.

President Yusuf has been a guest of Baylor University and met Dr. Hibbs when he was Dean of Baylor. Dr. Hibbs, a devout Catholic, has proved to be a sincere friend and ally of Zaytuna College and its mission to promote the liberal arts and great books tradition among the Muslim community. Learn more.

President Hamza Yusuf

One of the highest forms of praise is through poetic verse, and no individual has been the object of poetic praise more than the Prophet ﷺ. Lovers have written countless lines extolling his flawless character, physical beauty, and extraordinary life. In this special talk, President Hamza Yusuf will discuss the Muslim poetic tradition, using Imam al-Busiri’s famous Hamziyya as an example of masterful versification and prosody in celebrating the Beloved of God ﷺ. Learn more. 

Shaykh Faraz Khan in conversation with Dr. Ali Ataie

A foundational characteristic of the Prophet’s mission was his ability to adapt his approach without compromising his principles or moral vision when he migrated to the different social and political landscape of Medina. Imam Dawood Yasin will moderate a conversation between Shaykh Faraz Khan and Dr. Ali Ataie in which they discuss lessons on justice and community derived from a period of prophetic political leadership. Learn more.

Dr. Jawad Qureshi

Qadi Iyad’s Al-Shifa bi ta‘rif huquq al-Mustafa (The cure in recognizing the rights of the Chosen One) is one of the Islamic tradition’s foremost texts on understanding the person of the Prophet ﷺ and the rights that he is due. In this interdisciplinary text, the author utilizes disciplines such as hadith, kalam, sirah, and  tassawuf , drawing from the wide spectrum of Islamic thought to help readers know the Prophet ﷺ and understand his essential connection to their lives as Muslims. Learn more.

Dr. Anna Bonta Moreland in conversation with President Hamza Yusuf

Join us for a conversation with Catholic theologian Dr. Anna Bonta Moreland, inspired by her work, Muhammad Reconsidered: A Christian Perspective on Islamic Prophecy. The book makes a significant contribution to Catholic theology on Islam and interreligious dialogue between Muslims and Christians. Learn more.

The Prophet’s legacy has endured as a source of guidance for Muslims across generations and geographies. At Zaytuna, we do our best to expose our students to our world’s most beautiful works, from Rumi to Razi, from Shakespeare to al-Hariri, from Euclid to Khawarizmi, but most importantly to Revelation and its prophetic keys. In our Prophet Muhammad’s farewell address, he ﷺ reveals to us humanity’s core problems: class exploitation through usury, supremacist attitudes towards others, and gender inequity and abuse; in addition, he ﷺ highlights the rejection of divine order through manipulation of natural order. Though these exist as perennial challenges, they nevertheless adopt a new mask in every age—including our own.

During this Rabi’ al-Awwal, the month of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, we’re delighted to introduce a series of online events to commemorate his life for those who eagerly seek his continuing and relevant guidance.

Conversations with Scholars

Zaytuna College presents discussions between scholars on key moments in the Life of the Prophet ﷺ

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Special Virtual Benefit Event

Sunday, October 25, 5:00 pm PST
In the midst of this blessed month, we will hold a special event to show the fruits of what we’ve planted as a college.

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Manning the Lighthouse in Turbulent Times

Also featuring Imam Zaid Shakir, Imam Dawood Yasin, students, graduates—and special messages for American Muslims from His Excellency, Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan, and world-renowned philanthropist and singer-songwriter, Yusuf Cat Stevens

Prophetic Praise in Our Tradition

One of the highest forms of praise is through poetic verse, and no individual has been the object of poetic praise more than the Prophet ﷺ

The Prophet ﷺ Across Traditions

Conversations with scholars from other traditions about the Prophet ﷺ

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