Master's Degree

Course Requirements (48 units total)

Coursework and Tutorials in Islamic Primary Texts – 42 units
Of the 14 required courses, 10 are required in the Primary Area of Concentration, 2 in Advanced Arabic, and 2 in Skills. Courses offered will vary from semester to semester depending on the scholarly demographic of the students in the program. Every semester, at least 4 regular courses and 4 tutorials will be offered in the areas of concentration. The tutorials will be conducted under the Special Reading Course rubric.

Areas of Concentration
• Philosophy and Theology
• Islamic Law

Skills Requirements – 6 units
• Formal Logic
• Dialectics

Thesis - 6 units
The thesis units are meant to provide time for the student to work on the thesis during the academic semester. Three (3) thesis credits should amount to approximately nine (9) hours of study, whether in preparation or in writing. The thesis must be of publishable quality and is usually between 80 and 120 pages in length. It is administered by a committee including a thesis director and two readers and must be defended publicly.

Modern Language Requirement
All graduate students are required to demonstrate proficiency in one modern foreign language (other than English) that is relevant to their field of study. This requirement can be fulfilled by: 1) submitting transcripts showing two years of academic study of the language, or 2) taking an exam (administered by the GTU). No credit toward the Master of Arts degree is given for courses taken to prepare for the modern language exams. Depending on the student’s chosen field of study, an ancient language still spoken today—such as Persian or Greek—can count toward the modern language requirement.

Two-Year Course of Study
The following sequence serves as an example of a course of study that will complete the program in two years.

Year One
Year Two
• 12 units (regular coursework or tutorial)• 9 units (regular coursework or tutorial)
• 3 units of thesis credits
• 12 units (regular coursework or tutorial)• 9 units (regular coursework or tutorial)
• 3 units of thesis credits
• Defend thesis
• Work on finishing the thesis
• Intensive language study

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