Zaytuna College’s New Master’s Degree in Islamic Texts

Zaytuna College


With praise and thanks to our Lord and sincere gratitude to all of our supporters, we are delighted to announce that the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) has accredited Zaytuna College's ambitious new M.A. program in Islamic Texts. Our inaugural class begins this month.

The achievement represents a major milestone, not only for Zaytuna's growth as a Muslim liberal arts college, but also, God willing, for a renewed meeting of Islamic and Western streams of scholarship, which have a long history of enriching one another.

President Hamza Yusuf described earning accreditation as "monumental" and said, "We are committed to doing our part in the revival of one of the world’s great intellectual traditions, and this program is an exciting step toward that lofty goal." 

The two-year program offers a unique Master's-level curriculum, training students in all facets of traditional Muslim education as well as requiring them to read seminal Islamic texts in the original Arabic. Students will concentrate in Islamic philosophy and theology or in Islamic law, both its legal theory (usul) and its branches (furu’), and will complement their study of the Islamic tradition by reading parallel texts from the European scholastic tradition. 

Classes will be taught at Zaytuna's Lower Campus on Le Conte Avenue in Berkeley, while the undergraduate program will continue on the new Upper Campus on Marin Avenue.

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