Hamza Yusuf Honors Templeton Prize Laureate Alvin Plantinga With Tribute Poem

Zaytuna College


Zaytuna College President Hamza Yusuf was invited to speak in honor of Templeton Prize Laureate Alvin Plantinga at the Templeton Prize 2017 ceremony on Sunday, September 24, at The Field Museum, Chicago, Illinois. To commemorate this event, he closed his remarks with a poem in tribute. To see his remarks and hear his poem, watch the video below:

Tribute to Dr. Alvin Plantinga

2017 Templeton Prize Laureate
Hamza Yusuf Hanson
September 24, 2017

We face so much in this our world
It’s hard to take it in
In reality, the truth be told
We only face our sin
A battle rages in our souls
And each must play his part
Some will use the head to fight
While others use their heart
The belligerence in every soul
Will end when we find peace
But fight we must with heart and head
For this plague to ever cease
The heart, the head, so must we choose?
Might there be another way?
In Alvin’s books it’s clear to see
That both are on display
On every page he rules the day
And does so with such ease
But a stumbling block for lesser minds
Is that daunting Plantinganese
May God bless this heart-filled heady man
May his pen overcome their sword
May his truth live on in the books he wrote
In defense of a guiltless Lord
And for those who deem his thought unsound
Or that his beliefs are odd
They’ll have to wait till Judgment Day
To have it explained by God.

To see the full-length video of Templeton Prize 2017 ceremony, click here.

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