Canceled: Masculinity in the Modern Age

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Date December 2 , 2019 7pm to 9pm

Embarcadero YMCA, Board Room, First Floor, 169 Steuart St., San Francisco, CA 94105



We regret to inform you that this event has been canceled.

How does the Islamic tradition guide us in our understanding of masculinity in the contemporary world? Today, in societies where traditional gender roles are embraced less and less and economic independence is available to men and women alike, our fundamental ideas about masculinity have shifted, and faith communities that still cling to the notion of revealed truths must navigate new ideas of what it means to be male.
In this presentation, Imam Dawood Yasin, the Director of Student Life at Zaytuna College and an instructor in the College's experiential learning program, will lead a conversation about contemporary challenges and questions that traditional masculinity faces. For example, to what extent do revelation or socialization define masculinity? Can environmental factors change the biological nature of being male? What key concepts in philosophy shape our ideas about masculinity? 

Join Zaytuna In Your Community for what promises to be a rich and productive discussion about how Muslims and people of faith can understand masculinity in the contemporary world. 

For questions or more information, email [email protected]. This is a free public event.