Students on a hike.

ZOE - Backpacking Trip For Women Only

Curious about camping? Don’t have a tent or sleeping bag? No worries. Zaytuna College’s outdoor enrichment program will introduce you to the fun and excitement of camping, without the worries.  Join our group of expert staff and not only enjoy the outdoor experience of a lifetime, but realize your spiritual aspirations, by incorporating your mind, body and soul into a deep engagement with Allah’s creations. 


Two-Night Three-Day Backpacking Trip

This program is intended for participants who are interested in learning the art of backpacking. This program will provide each participant with a solid foundation and basic skills to backpack comfortably and responsibly. This trip will introduce participants to the beauty of the outdoors in a rustic wilderness setting. 

As Muslims, we’re repeatedly directed in the Qur’an to reflect upon nature as a means to know our Creator. Zaytuna faculty member Dawood Yasin, an experienced outdoorsman, and backcountry backpacker, will lead a group of participants on a backpacking trek in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. In nature’s classroom, participants will study Islamic sciences, including the fiqh of purity and prayer and Islamic spirituality, while experiencing the rhythm of an engaged spiritual day. Additionally, the program will teach participants the skills needed to become more comfortable in the outdoors, giving them confidence for their future explorations. Through their own experiences and by reflecting on God's “signs,” participants will be challenged to direct their senses from the creation to the majesty and wonderment of the Creator of the natural world. 

General Information
Dates June 28th - June 30th

Zaytuna College Upper Campus and the Sierra Nevada mountains


Imam Dawood Yasin MALS (Dartmouth College), Scott Doolin Zaytuna College ‘18, Iman Hamze, Zaytuna College alumni


Participants will learn how to select and use appropriate gear, safely select and set up a proper camp site, safe fire building, water procurement, and the camping etiquette found in the "Leave No Trace" philosophy to camping. 

Backpacking trips include selected readings from the Qur'an, hadith, texts in the Islamic spiritual tradition, seerah (prophetic biography), fiqh (jurisprudence), and more.


For many people, the outdoors can be a daunting experience. This trip will help you open your heart to the majesty of the natural world. You will also learn the basics of camping; practical necessities such as how to pack and wear a backpack, how to plan for food and proper hydration, how to select a campsite, setting up tents, procuring water, building a fire, the basics of hygiene and the fiqh of purity and prayer in the outdoors. You will also engage in reflecting upon previously selected passages, including verses from the Qur’an, selected hadith, and classical texts from the Islamic tradition.


Who? Open to the general public, women only. 

Do I have to be Muslim to attend? No, this program is open to all people interested in the outdoors. 

Where? All camping trips start out at Zaytuna College’s Upper Campus located at 2770 Marin Avenue in Berkeley, and the overnight camping is in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

What are the spiritual teachings on the trip? The spiritual enrichment and study program will consist of a litany of remembrance in the morning (recitation of Surah Ya-Sin, morning wird), a lesson on Islamic studies, selected readings from the book The Beginning of Guidance (Imam Al-Ghazali), an evening litany, fireside reflection, and selected readings from the Qur’an.

Is the hike difficult? The hiking is not particularly strenuous, but you must assess your own physical ability to participate. The group will hike approximately 4 miles per day. Participants must be able to carry an approximately 40 to 50 pound backpack while hiking.

What is the minimum age for attendance? Twelve years old. Children between twelve and seventeen must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Is there financial aid available? No.

Can I leave my car at Zaytuna? Limited parking spots are available. If you would like to reserve a spot, please contact us in advance.

How much? $550 per person

What do I need to bring? A full packing list will be provided to all participants. All relevant camping gear will be provided, but participants will be asked to bring snacks, personal hygiene products, flashlight, headlamp, and some clothes. You should also bring your trust in Allah, patience, and a willingness to learn & grow.

Will there be bathrooms on the trail? There are no bathrooms on the trail. Our group leaders will instruct you how use the bathroom outdoors while maintaining Islamic standards of hygiene.

Can Zaytuna College students receive community service hours for this trip? No.

Why? Because it may be the most significant experience you will have in a long time

For more information, call 510-900-3153, or email Scott Doolin at [email protected]


Dates: Friday, June 28th - Sunday, June 30th

Cost:  $550.00 per person.


  • Food 
  • Gear (tent, sleeping bag and pad, backpack, limited hiking clothing, rain gear) 
  • Transportation to and from the trail. 
  • Reading materials, both Islamic and conventional

You will need to provide proof of health insurance, and a letter from your doctor indicating you do not have a health condition that will prevent you from hiking. 

Cancellation policy:

  1. Payment due at time of registration.
  2. No refund if the cancellation request is received on or after June 14, 2019

Availability is limited, complete the form below to reserve your spot.