Lemon Trees

Ibrahim Qureshi

The Ongoing Gift of My Education

After graduating from the Master's program, I have kept busy with several meaningful projects. While I pursue a career in technology, I have continued private studies in the fields of Islamic law, tasawwuf, and metaphysics. On the recommendation of my teachers, I have begun teaching various subjects including Arabic, logic, and dialectics.

In the fall, I led a course on the Creed of Imam al-Tahawi as part of Link Bay Area, an educational initiative that seeks to cultivate community leaders. I have also recently written a short research paper on the underlying philosophy of the Ten Principles (mabādī ʿashara) as a pedagogical tool in the Islamic sciences.

This was only made possible through my Zaytuna education, and, in fact, much of my teaching and writing has required directly referencing notes and other materials from my studies at the College and adapting them for a new audience. Each of my semesters studying at Zaytuna felt transformative rather than transitional, and I hope that these efforts provide the same benefits to the community that I have been blessed to receive.

Ibrahim Qureshi is a graduate of the Zaytuna College BA and MA programs.