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A Program for Proving Why Islam Is True

Sara Kuratnik, MA Class of 2021


To so many, Zaytuna College represents the peak of our aspirations as a global Muslim community today. By God’s grace, I was afforded the opportunity to be a part of this beautiful college and graduate from the MA program, focusing on philosophy and theology.  This enabled me to gain a foundation in the Muslim theological and philosophical tradition by studying the works of some of the most influential minds in history.

The program’s meticulously designed curriculum incorporates the instrumental arts of logic, rhetoric, and dialectics and disputation, enabling students to thoroughly and properly analyze classical texts.  

During the program, I was blessed to join one of my teachers from outside of the College in producing a unique Islamic studies curriculum in the form of textbooks for the high school level and online courses for all. These aim to provide Muslims with not only an understanding of the pillars of their faith, but to ground their faith in reason and evidence. Seminal courses entitled “Why Islam Is True” and “Why Muhammad ﷺ Is God’s Messenger” have proven time and time again to strengthen not only individuals, but institutions that are adopting and utilizing this material in its piloting stages across North America, England, and Australia. So much remains to be done, and I am humbled constantly by God’s grace in allowing me to be a part of such a revival of faith and learning. 

It is without a doubt that Zaytuna College made it possible for me to engage in Islamic education in such a meaningful way. May God accept our efforts and elevate the faculty, staff, students, and supporters who make this College a reality. 

Sara Kuratnik is a graduate of the Zaytuna College MA Program (philosophy and theology track).